Reflections on September 26th. Audience members ~ add your comments!

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The recent, September 26th performance at Clinton Street Theater was a wonderful experience for me. With at least 60 people in the audience, a community was formed that was both expansive and intimate at the same time. I was thrilled to hear copious laughter whenever the performance shared some of Chris’ wacky thoughts and I was also deeply touched to be in the presence of people’s tears.

Oregon has a Death with Dignity option for individuals with terminal illness. Compassion & Choices is the organization that helps people navigate this process. Matt Whitaker, Multi-State Implementation Manager, was one of our post-performance discussion panelists. One of the most striking moments for me was when Matt talked of helping people connect with how they want to be loved as they are dying as a crucial part of their experience, rather than focusing only on the mechanical details of medical aid in dying.  It meant a lot for me to hear this, because “How do I want to be loved as I die?” is a central theme of A Finished Heart. From audience comments, I know that many other people appreciated this perspective, as well.

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Eliott Cherry

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